Dynamically resolving syscalls in C#

This post aims to describe and provide example code on how you can dynamically resolve syscalls using only C#. What are System calls? TL;DR: System calls or just syscalls are used by applications...

Injecting dotNet Assemblies to Unmanaged Processes

This is a quick post to show how you can inject your .NET assembly code to unmanaged processes. Generate the ShellCode As an example, I will be using a Mythic implant. But feel free to develop yo...

Bypass Upload Restrictions and Evade Detection

Let’s be honest, bypassing upload restrictions is not something new and usually involves different methods to achieve the same goal: execute your 1337 code on your victim; But you can’t always do t...

From CSRF to RCE

A few days ago I started taking interest in Bolt, a content management that quoting from its github, is a “Sophisticated, lightweight & simple CMS”. The team behind it really did a great job i...

New blog again

Ok, I’m not good at this blogging stuff but let me try it again. I hope to share new things I learn or just use this as a way to keep notes.

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